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This is a checkers (also known as draughts) game. But not a normal checkers, it is a checkers with a twist. It is a checkers with loops!!

Thinks as if the opposite limits of the board connected themselves, so you can move your piece from one edge of the board to the opposite. You can loop horizontally, vertically, or in both directions if your piece is at the extreme edge of the board!

Check out the game also on GameJolt:



  • Click and hold left mouse button: get piece;
  • Release left mouse button: lay piece;


  • There is no visual feedback yet for the piece movement. If the lay position is invalid, the piece simply wont move. If it is valid, the piece will change places and the turn will change.
  • Not every checkers rules are implemented. Some are just not implemented "yet", some "will" not be implemented or will change to better adjust the gameplay changes due to the looping scheme.
  • This game was made targeting QVGA resolution (320x240).
  • This game was made for the 2014's February's "One Game a Month", whose theme was "loops".